Books, books, and more books…

So yesterday I went to the library on campus to find some more books for research and inspiration.  Recently I have been reading (or trying to read) Caitlin Flanagan’s book To Hell with All That: Loving and Loathing Your Inner Housewife.  So far, I haven’t gotten much further than the last time I read it.  The first chapter and introduction are consumed with ideas about the modern wedding; the over done decorations, pricey dresses, and class appropriation that occurs.  I have been waiting for the concepts pertaining to women and the home to arrive, but it doesn’t seem that they are coming.  Upon reading some more reviews about the book, it doesn’t seem that they will ever truly get there.  Flanagan discusses her more personal experiences as a mother.  Quitting her job to take care of her children, and then hiring a nanny to help her out.  From what I have heard in reviews, she never seems to take a stand on the idea of domesticity and women.  At this point I have put the book on hold and re-picked up Gail Collins’ When Everything Changed, a book I began reading in 2014 that I loved and also sparked some artist projects.  Here’s to hoping that will happen again!


BUT! In regards to the library I think I’ve got some great resources, (see below).   I also have some books on hold at the Columbus Metropolitan Library that I will pick up tomorrow, so let the reading begin!  I started making some work last night as well, so stay tuned for that post shortly!



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