Grad school is hard

Having to read articles over and over while still not fully understanding what they mean is stressful.  Especially when something in regards to one such article is going to be on a written exam in the next few months.

Not having any artwork made or any clear idea of what the hell I am doing is overwhelming and making me anxious.


I know that I am an intelligent individual.  I know that I am a creative artist and a hard worker.  Someone saw some sort of potential in me in order for me to get into this program, so I guess I just need to believe in all of that.

But right now, I feel very unsettled.



4 thoughts on “Grad school is hard”

  1. I don’t know if this serves as any kind of comfort (but considering that the most comforting words while in school were “I haven’t started it either”, it is worth a shot)… You are totally not alone… The feeling of not knowing what to produce of what we want to produce can me brutal… But the good thing is, you are in an environment of people going through the same things… If you ever need to talk! ^^

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