Where I’ve been and what I’m up to

I’ve decided to get into exploring this theme or concept of the pressures, burdens, and dirty work that is domesticity.  I’ve begun to print different images on fabric related to house hold chores, for example, doing the dishes.  I am inspired by the beautiful and detailed aprons that many women wore in the 1950s and 60s while they did such household chores.  They’re often beautiful with patterned flower fabric (which is something I have always loved), and ruffled edges or patterns and yet they would be cleaning and scrubbing floors, vacuuming, ironing, and cleaning greasy dishes in them.  Keeping up this beauty and happy wife persona even while doing such laborious and unglamorous tasks as household chores is very interesting to me.

I have started to make an apron of my own out of purchased fabric and plan to also make an apron or small sample out of the pieces that I printed on personally, (see below).  I plan to explore a photographic process using SuperSauce (Supersauce demo) which is a type of photographic transfer, on the fabrics that have floral patterns already on them.  I am concerned the fabric I bought may be a bit too busy, but we shall see.

I also plan to use the Supersauce to do some transfers onto dish towels as well.  In addition I will be exploring what happens to film when it is soaked in certain cleaning products over a period of time.  I currently have a digital print soaking in water and dish soap at home… I am wondering if it has started to fall apart yet.




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