I made it.


A quilt from 2014+3 test fabric prints+3 vintage inspired, hand sewn aprons with images printed and transferred+3 dish towels with transferred images+an old kitchen table with various books placed as reference (books not pictured)= I made it through my first critique.

I felt prepared, but also nervous and unsure of what to expect.  The past two weeks I have seen and participated in critiques, but the success of the critique really depended on the artist and what they had to offer, so truly each one is a sort of “surprise.”  Overall, I got what I would say was some great feedback from my peers.  Praises, criticisms, suggestions, but most importantly, encouragement to keep pushing and to do even more; to take the subtlies of life and use them in my artwork, to use personal experiences as a means to impact my work, and to not get caught in the echo chamber that is feminist art and domestic conversation.

I am excited to continue to move forward- to research some more installation/creative space artists and to continue to explore these ideas and different ways of using imagery.


Cheers to the next 11 or so weeks!


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