Failure as a means to succeed

When doing anything, there is bound to be failure or struggle along the way.  There is a cliche and common saying, “nothing worth having comes easy,” and I believe that to be pretty true.  As an athlete/rugby player I can look back at my career and think about all the hard work I put in, in order to be successful.  I can remember each painstaking loss and the motivation it created moving forward.  The same applies to an artistic practice, believe it or not.

For some people, things just come easily in art, and they are incredibly talented naturally.  I am not one of those people, so within my art career, just as my athletic I have had many bumps in the road.  But what you choose to do with your failure is what determines the kind of artist, and person you will be.  Will you use it as motivation, and rise, continuing to push until you succeed or will you crumble under the failure, and allow yourself to fall into a pit of self doubt and worry? You decide.


Below are a few failures I have encompassed over the past few weeks.  Though they are my first, I am sure they will not be my last.


The negatives above were soaked in windex, dish soap, and had other cleaning products sprayed on them in attempts to see how they would be effected.  Unfortunately, nothing happened.  The cleaning products didn’t leave behind any grit, or grime as I had hoped… shocking right? (Hopefully you can hear my sarcasm).   Any who, at my critique a few of my peers recommended photographer Matthew Brandt who has done similar work, so hoping to find some solutions/inspiration through his work!


Believe it or not this apron began its completion as a fail… that nice gathered edge you see? What a nightmare!  In order to gather the edge you must sew two seams and then separate the bobbin and needle threads on the garment, taking two of the same and tying them together on each end, and then leaving the other two to be pulled to create the gather.  After misunderstanding this process, not once but two or three times, I was finally able to get it right.  Still wasn’t as clean as I’d like it to be, but even after the failure and having to start the seam over, again and again, I was able to get it done! Hallelujah!  The struggle was well worth it.


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