My very own studio, 4.

When it came time to pick a studio at CCAD, I felt anxious, unsettled, and yet also excited.  Drawing number 12 out of 21 meant many were ahead of me and I was bound to not get my top choice for space. (Granted they’re all around the same size, only some with windows and some without, but for some reason there’s a way in which you’re drawn to one particular space over another).  The number 4 holds a dear meaning to my family and me, so initially that was a first pick choice. It also happened to be on the 3rd floor with some nice window space.  I had a few other choices on the 3rd and second floors that I had noted on a piece of paper.  I figured it would be more likely for me to have a second floor space because the 3rd floor is quite popular due to its large open windows.  When I chose my space I was able to get one that I liked and had noted down.  I believe it was labeled as #26.  It was a second floor studio, with a nice window, and I was pleasantly surprised to later find that the 2nd floor studios are actually numbered 1-10 and I had wound up in #4.

When it came time to move in, I was wondering what exactly I would put in the space.  As a photographer who works mainly in digital format I didn’t have much to move in, or so I thought.  I immediately grabbed most of my books that I felt would be beneficial for research and placed them on the top of my black file cabinet.  My larger table was initially up against the lefthand wall and I liked the way it made the space feel open, but also like I was working in a small little nook.  Unfortunately the sun seemed to shine in that space quite a bit-which was good for the plants I had, but I found not so good for me.  As everyone had shared about the 3rd floor, the sun coming in through the windows definitely does bring some heat! So I  moved my table over to the right side of the studio and that seemed to work as well.  I also decided to hang some old pieces of mine, not only so the walls wouldn’t be bare but also just to serve as reminders for inspiration and what had gotten me to this point; to remind myself of where I had come from.

My file cabinet now is full of different odds and ends and material bits.  My first few weeks were spent exploring different embroidery techniques, crochet, and craft oriented works.  So the cabinet is mostly full of those, as well as my hand made paper from the first week.  My large table is organized mainly by having a section reserved for me to be able to sit down with my laptop and work and yet also it has more books, articles, and post its stacked on it.  Lots of post its.  Any time I think of something or find an artist I want to write down quickly, I grab one of my neon post its, write it, and stick it.

I have always been the type to live in a bit of organized chaos and I think my studio is a little bit of that- it actually may be slightly more organized than my apartment and the rest of my life.  I don’t like having things cluttered and all over the place-despite what my family may tell you, so when I find it getting a little too crazy I will take a few minutes to put things in their proper place and organize the space.  (odds and ends in the cabinet, books stacked on my large table or file cabinet, fabrics folded and stacked and put away in the cabinet).  Eventually I’d really like to get a proper chair to put in my studio to have a little more of a cozy place to sit and work.  #goals!



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