The beginning of the end.

I haven’t posted in about two weeks.. whoops.  And I also have realized a lot of my most recent work is not posted!  Stay tuned!

Thanksgiving break has come to a close and with it has come a bit of anxiety with a side of stress due to time (or rather, a lack thereof).  There are only 3 more weeks left of the semester- I’ve almost made it through my first trial of graduate school!  (I don’t want to get too overzealous though, there is a lot of work to be done).

This weekend I also am participating as part of the on campus art show.  I have been prepping like crazy for it, making scarves and other craft oriented things.  As much as I am looking forward to it on Saturday it has been a major distraction to my current photographic practice and I am keen to get it over with and get back to my main focus.

This week I am going to be experimenting with some hand stitching on larger photographs that I printed last week on campus.  During my critique, some of my peers suggested that within the work I presented that I should combine my notions of collage, large printing, and hand sewn/craft elements into one and see what I can come up with.  I am excited to spend some time in my studio this evening and do a bit of sewing on some of the larger images.  I definitely need to grab some more embroidery thread though.

While thinking about the digital collage prints, I was wondering how else I could incorporate craftwork into these images, different than that of the more rigid, documented interiors of the domestic space.  Immediately my mind went to quilting.  I quilted a photograph once before and I truly loved the process, as time consuming and frustrating as it could be.  I’ve been thinking about printing these large domestic interior images on fabric and then collaging them in a manner similar to that of which I have done through digital processes but now with sewing.  I am excited to give it a shot and think it could really elevate the imagery in a way that I have been hoping for.  My main concern is finding an outlet to print them on.  Because the images are all mainly at 24″ to 44″ wide, I cannot adhere the fabric to a piece of poster board and feed it through the Epson 9890 as I usually would.  They’re just too large  The fashion department does have a brand new fabric printer so I am waiting for an email response on gaining access to that as a resource.  I don’t think outsourcing the prints at this point will work with the time associated with shipping and what not, but I may have to splurge on costs and order from spoon flower with expedited delivery.

Cheers to new ideas and exciting work to come!





An investigation of Domestic Space

This Thursday I have my second critique of the semester, my last before final critique in December.  I am excited to show half of my cohort the new images I created and share with them the changes that have occurred in my work since my last critique.  It is much different from the creation of the aprons, however, it is important to know that the new work stems from wanting to explore and investigate the same concept.

Some of the critique I initially received involved questioning what was happening in current homes  today- not just focusing on the 50s and 60s.  How are men and women living in their homes and sharing their spaces with their partners today?  I took this question along with my inspiration for installation and began thinking about the space of the home itself.  Before beginning to think about what kind of photographs I was going to make I wanted to figure out how I could actually create the physical space of a home and what a “home” actually is.  I began reading a book titled Domestic Space and a specific article that touches on the separation of spaces within a home based on gender or class role.   This article has inspired me to make an investigation and/or documentation of current homes to see how people are living within them and what they feel their roles are as well.

So far I have photographed two couples and their homes and also conducted a recorded interview with each couple asking a series of questions about what it’s like to share a space with someone, what they feel their roles are within that space, how their upbringing may have effected that, and a few other questions.  Initially, I planned to play the audio recordings with each couples group of photos but upon discussion in a recent studio visit Julie Abijanic I think the recordings will better serve as a means of documentation and research for myself.  I do plan to use a bit of ambient sound from inside my own home and am keen to see how that works with the photographs.  I have quite a variety of ways that I plan to show the photos and am looking forward to getting feedback.  Prepare yourselves group 2 (or are we group 1?), I’m expecting you to say something!

An artist of many ideas and therefore, many sketchbooks

I have always been a writer, whether its journaling, short poems, or even research papers; writing has always been something I enjoyed.  My sketchbooks are consumed by it.  My freshman year of college was probably the last time that I bought an actual college ruled notebook to write in and so sketchbooks have always been my resource for not only sketching, but for copious note taking as well.

My sketchbooks are my outlet to be able to work out my ideas and concepts both with words and visual representation.  I can make quick lucid sketches that coincide with the words next to it right on the same page.  Overtime I have acquired a number of sketchbooks, all serving a variety of purpose.  (see below image)  My most current sketchbook is used for primary note taking, self reflective questions, and the investigating of ideas.  It’s filled with quick scribbled notes, post its stacked on top of words below them, and ideas I hope to eventually all explore.  My studio operates in a very similar way.  My main table has post its all over with ideas, artists, or concepts to think about and the walls also have reflective questions to refer to while I make my work.

Most women have guilty pleasure in buying too many shoes, purses, clothes, etc.  Although I am guilty of a few of those myself, I must say buying sketchbooks is right at the top of that list as well.

*The open spreads of mainly notes are showing pages from my most recent sketchbook.  I point them out specifically to show my process of working through concepts and asking myself questions, as well as quotes from art videos I find particularly inspiring or motivational.

Eliot and Oak

Tonight I had the opportunity to photograph my first couple and their home for my project. Through research and reading my concept has shifted from ascertaining the domestic space through a specific lens to now a more investigative document of domestic spaces and relationships within them in today’s culture. 

My concept begins by photographing and documenting the interior space; with the subjects as well as without. It’s important for me to capture the space in its most real essence so I haven’t asked my subjects to act in any particular way but to rather just think of me as a fly on the wall-a simple observer. The second half of the project deals with audio recording.  I have come up with a list of “topics” or questions that have to deal with the personal relationships the subjects have with one another and their home. I plan to hopefully combine the images of the spaces with the audio someway, eventually having 2-3 photos per space with the audio of the couple of each home playing so that the audience can experience the conversation as they also look at the images essentially getting a feel for the subject’s home.

Tonight I worked with Kavan and his wife Diana and their sweet baby girl who is just over a year and a half. I felt so greatful for the opportunity to be allowed into their home and to be able to document them with my camera. I felt welcomed and was so glad that it didn’t feel as thougt I was intruding in anyway. I think that was one of my biggest anxieties beginning this concept. I am a bit socially awkward at times and especially when it comes to taking photographs of people and/or more private moments. Being in someone else’s home and photographing them confronts that issue head on. But as I said, I felt completely comfortable with them all. It was a great feeling. I got a ton of shots and I am hoping there are a few good ones in there! (Lol) I am also keen to listen back to the audio recording and splice together pieces of the conversation that are most pertinent to the material I am trying to talk about. I have never worked with audio before so I am looking forward to that!

Cheers to a great Friday and the work that follows with more wonderful photoshoots ahead  (I hope!)