Eliot and Oak

Tonight I had the opportunity to photograph my first couple and their home for my project. Through research and reading my concept has shifted from ascertaining the domestic space through a specific lens to now a more investigative document of domestic spaces and relationships within them in today’s culture. 

My concept begins by photographing and documenting the interior space; with the subjects as well as without. It’s important for me to capture the space in its most real essence so I haven’t asked my subjects to act in any particular way but to rather just think of me as a fly on the wall-a simple observer. The second half of the project deals with audio recording.  I have come up with a list of “topics” or questions that have to deal with the personal relationships the subjects have with one another and their home. I plan to hopefully combine the images of the spaces with the audio someway, eventually having 2-3 photos per space with the audio of the couple of each home playing so that the audience can experience the conversation as they also look at the images essentially getting a feel for the subject’s home.

Tonight I worked with Kavan and his wife Diana and their sweet baby girl who is just over a year and a half. I felt so greatful for the opportunity to be allowed into their home and to be able to document them with my camera. I felt welcomed and was so glad that it didn’t feel as thougt I was intruding in anyway. I think that was one of my biggest anxieties beginning this concept. I am a bit socially awkward at times and especially when it comes to taking photographs of people and/or more private moments. Being in someone else’s home and photographing them confronts that issue head on. But as I said, I felt completely comfortable with them all. It was a great feeling. I got a ton of shots and I am hoping there are a few good ones in there! (Lol) I am also keen to listen back to the audio recording and splice together pieces of the conversation that are most pertinent to the material I am trying to talk about. I have never worked with audio before so I am looking forward to that!

Cheers to a great Friday and the work that follows with more wonderful photoshoots ahead  (I hope!)





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