An artist of many ideas and therefore, many sketchbooks

I have always been a writer, whether its journaling, short poems, or even research papers; writing has always been something I enjoyed.  My sketchbooks are consumed by it.  My freshman year of college was probably the last time that I bought an actual college ruled notebook to write in and so sketchbooks have always been my resource for not only sketching, but for copious note taking as well.

My sketchbooks are my outlet to be able to work out my ideas and concepts both with words and visual representation.  I can make quick lucid sketches that coincide with the words next to it right on the same page.  Overtime I have acquired a number of sketchbooks, all serving a variety of purpose.  (see below image)  My most current sketchbook is used for primary note taking, self reflective questions, and the investigating of ideas.  It’s filled with quick scribbled notes, post its stacked on top of words below them, and ideas I hope to eventually all explore.  My studio operates in a very similar way.  My main table has post its all over with ideas, artists, or concepts to think about and the walls also have reflective questions to refer to while I make my work.

Most women have guilty pleasure in buying too many shoes, purses, clothes, etc.  Although I am guilty of a few of those myself, I must say buying sketchbooks is right at the top of that list as well.

*The open spreads of mainly notes are showing pages from my most recent sketchbook.  I point them out specifically to show my process of working through concepts and asking myself questions, as well as quotes from art videos I find particularly inspiring or motivational.


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