An investigation of Domestic Space

This Thursday I have my second critique of the semester, my last before final critique in December.  I am excited to show half of my cohort the new images I created and share with them the changes that have occurred in my work since my last critique.  It is much different from the creation of the aprons, however, it is important to know that the new work stems from wanting to explore and investigate the same concept.

Some of the critique I initially received involved questioning what was happening in current homes  today- not just focusing on the 50s and 60s.  How are men and women living in their homes and sharing their spaces with their partners today?  I took this question along with my inspiration for installation and began thinking about the space of the home itself.  Before beginning to think about what kind of photographs I was going to make I wanted to figure out how I could actually create the physical space of a home and what a “home” actually is.  I began reading a book titled Domestic Space and a specific article that touches on the separation of spaces within a home based on gender or class role.   This article has inspired me to make an investigation and/or documentation of current homes to see how people are living within them and what they feel their roles are as well.

So far I have photographed two couples and their homes and also conducted a recorded interview with each couple asking a series of questions about what it’s like to share a space with someone, what they feel their roles are within that space, how their upbringing may have effected that, and a few other questions.  Initially, I planned to play the audio recordings with each couples group of photos but upon discussion in a recent studio visit Julie Abijanic I think the recordings will better serve as a means of documentation and research for myself.  I do plan to use a bit of ambient sound from inside my own home and am keen to see how that works with the photographs.  I have quite a variety of ways that I plan to show the photos and am looking forward to getting feedback.  Prepare yourselves group 2 (or are we group 1?), I’m expecting you to say something!


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