This Week…

Each week Ric Petry, the Director of the Graduate Program here at CCAD sends out an email with the same title as above.  It gives all of the grad students a break down of what we can look forward to with the upcoming week.  Meetings, lectures, studio visits, who is critiquing, etc.  It’s something I look forward to each week.  Even more so I look forward to Ric’s last ending lines.  Always uplifting, always encouraging, and always pushing us to be more.  It’s crazy to think I have just registered for my next semesters classes- the beginning of my second and final year of graduate school. Time always seems to move too quickly just when you want it to slow down…

“Ok, we are deep in the belly of this beast. Work just as hard as you know how, then a little harder from now till May. This is such a precious time and as any 2nd year student will tell you it goes too fast.”


Thanks Ric, for the constant reminders of how lucky we are to be in such a place in our lives to be part of this program and exploration of ourselves as artists and people.



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