Cheers to year 2!

I swear I didn’t take the entire summer off.. it’s just been a bit hectic and unfortunately my blog took a bit of a back seat!  I completed a guest blog post for a wonderful female artist duo The Honeybees , so take a look on The Hive for a little taste of my summer and experiences of juggling the real world and art making.

Anyway, school is officially back in session and I am extremely glad it is.  Despite my schedule continuing to be a bit chaotic (as it always is) I am excited to get back into my studio, continue making, and put together some work for my thesis which is just a short 7-8 months away.  Over the summer I spent some time exploring a new paper making technique called Joomchi.  I attended the Quilting Surface Design Symposium in early June and learned under Jiyoung Chung.  She is an incredible artist, maker, and master of Joomchi techniques.  For those that have been following my blog a bit you know I have been interested in making paper since my start at CCAD.  My interest in this stems from wanting to print photographs on substrates different than traditional photographic papers, however, with handmade paper it can be quite difficult to send through water and traditional/alternative dark room processes.  The water can unbind the fibers causing it to fall apart.  With joomchi- the opposite occurs.  Water is used within the agitation process to bind the fibers together so sending it through more wet processes essentially just makes it stronger!  I am excited to continue to explore this process and see what it holds for my photographs.

In addition I have not forgotten about the crochet!  The past few weeks I have been testing my pattern making skills and challenging myself to create multiple small granny squares that serve as “swatches.”

I’ve also been printing cyanotype photographs for a series I am working on and hoping to have completed for a small solo exhibition.  Stay tuned for more everyone!

Until then, I am waiting for life to slow down, but hoping it never does.